If you can think it Yox can do it!

Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

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Yox Designs New Line of Custom Guitars & Basses

Yox Designs specializes in guitar tech and Luthier services, ranging from basic maintenance and set ups to body/electronics modifications and custom airbrush art.

So get your neglected, abused, or road worn bass fixed. Have that old closet classis restored to brand new condition. Or get your workhorse axe hot rodded, and make all those other six string gun slingers you know go out and buy new gear to compete with your Yox modified, one of a kind pride and joy.

Whether electric or acoustic, big job or small, doesn't your stringed instrument deserves the excellence only a professional can provide? All work is 100% guaranteed.

Yox Designs also carries a full line of parts and accessories for your own build or repairs. Stop in and check out the shop, test drive one of the hot rod or reconditioned guitars or basses today. You never know there might be just what you want hanging on the wall. All of our pre-owned instruments carry a full warranty. Try getting that on a used guitar at your local music mart or one of those guitar mega-centers!



Yox Designs New Refurbishing Service

Is your old or favorite guitar living in its case or just sitting on a stand in the corner because itís a little tired and doesnít play like it used to, but you donít have the heart to get rid of it? Replacing it is not an option for most of us with the price of new instruments now, so we get stuck playing an inferior guitar instead of our baby.

Maybe the neck has a few dead spots or the frets buzz.  Are the pots or switches making noise? Does your trem just not stay let your guitar stay in tune with even the lightest touch?

Time to get it refurbished! Yox Designs is now offering a special refurbishing service to make your old favorite playable again and return it to the guitar you used to love.

A refurbish offers more than just your average set up, and is not quite as extensive as a full restoration. Refurbishments starting at just $250 for most guitars or basses and include all of the work listed below.

Frets leveled and dressed

Fingerboard cleaned & conditioned

Neck reset/shimmed with truss rod adjustments

Tired trem springs replaced

Electronics cleaned or replaced as needed

Body and neck cleaned and buffed

Hardware cleaned, rebuilt and made rust free

Nut replaced

Body & pickguard re-shielded

New strings with full set up


If you can think it Yox can do it!

Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

Accept No Substitute


We offer custom wood pick guards, any way you want.

Have you ever looked at your Tele and wanted something different? So you bought a Fender aftermarket pick guard, only to find out the screw holes don't match because your guitar is a Mexican and all Fender parts are made for American standards. Now it's on a shelf collecting dust reminding you that you paid too much for something that looks just like everyone else's. Screw that! Check out what can be done for you. Custom one of a kind design made any way you want to fit your guitar, guaranteed not to look like anyone else's. Also offered are back covers for your trem and control cavities. Why use plastic when it does nothing for your tone? Adding wood to your guitar will increase sustain and better your sound. Pick guards made for all guitars and basses; Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, whatever you have. Custom designs and finishing options are also available. All pickguards are SOLID WOOD, no laminates or plastic backers!