Fender Heartfield Talon I

This is a standard Heartfield Talon I, it had some mild body damage and needed help with the electronics. It was stripped down to bare wood, damaged areas repaired, then repainted. The paint is a black to silver leaf burst with mild silver metal flake top coat. Under lights this guitar looks like it's covered in crushed diamonds.  Electronics are stock DiMarzio except for the repaired volume pot and the addition of an Electro Socket jack. All the hardware was rebuilt with new screws and some new parts to make the whole thing look brand new. This  axe has the nicest, fastest neck, and it screams too. It'll kick the shit out of any Ibanez you put it up against!


stock, w/custom paint




stock, w/new volume pot


stock, w/Electro Socket jack


Ugly and beat up with rusted missing hardware.