Ibanez RG7620

This axe started out as a box stock Ibanez 7 string, that soon received the Yox treatment. It was customized for a local player by night and computer programmer by day. The body was filled to remove some dents and the holes for the five way switch, then cut for two mini toggles to control the pickups. DiMarzio Evolution pickups, 2 on/off/on mini toggles for humbucker/off/single-coil switching. The paint was a many stage process to get the candy flake gold look, with both silver flake base and gold flake in the clear.  It's hard to tell from the photos but the body has so much clear on it that it looks like it was covered in liquid glass. So much in fact that both Tux and the Linux logo look like they are floating in the clear. The end result is awesome and owner loves it too!


stock, w/custom paint