Series 10/Westone

This guitar was a total loss when it came to the shop. It was going to use it for parts before it was made into a display. It turns out the body is a Westone and the neck is a Series 10. This guitar is now owned by Tim McKee in VA for use when he displays his custom cars at area car shows. The body is painted in a metallic green and metallic blue marble over a black base. The flames are a classic white, yellow, orange with red tips and outlined in blue. Logos of all Tim's cars were added on the back and side in silver, gold and white, all shaded and outlined. The tuners and knobs are real dice, drilled and fitted, and the switch is an 8 ball, just like the old shifters hot rodders used to make.


stock, Westone w/custom paint


stock, Series 10 w/custom paint, and modified headstock




stock, w/dice knobs, and 8 ball switch