Squier II Stratocaster

This one started out as a beat up cheap Squier with all the standard Strat features. Now it's a true hot rod Strat, mean fat sound and killer looks! First the body was stripped and the middle pick up cavity filled, along with the volume and 5 way switch holes.  The body is painted gold leaf with gold metal flake and  matching back covers, tribal style ghost flame, and a black and silver leaf tribal style flame skull. Pick up rings are frenched in so they are flush with the face of the body. The stock vintage style trem was saved, only  the screws were replaced with new and added a heavy Floyd Rose style arm to give it more of a hot rod look. You can still see where the middle pick up was, this only shows in the photos with a flash not in regular light. This was done so the hole could be opened back up and have another pick up put in if you like. The neck was cleaned up and buffed, frets were dressed, new graphite string trees and Gotah tuners. Pickups are the stock units because they still sound great. The controls are totally different, because stock sucks! Push/pull volume tone control, and a 6 way rotary pick up selector.


stock, custom paint




stock pickups, 6 way rotary switch, push/pull volume tone pot.