"The Sarg"

Fans and friends of Yox all know this bass well, because it's mine! "The Sarg" started life as a 1978 Aria Pro "Cat" bass and has gone through many changes in the years I've had him. It all started the day I got him and he needed a new volume pot, so why not buy that set of Schaller bass humbuckers too? The original neck warped beyond what the truss rod could compensate for so he went fretless, then my cat knocked him off his stand, splitting the headstock in two. A call was made to Aria and the new YRB-Series neck was special ordered, made to my specifications. It was then immediately taken apart to get two graphite rods installed. The bridge has been changed from original, to a Fender, to a Baddass, to the Hipshot Trem he has now. Yes he has a trem! Pickups have gone from original, to Schaller, to Bill Lawrence, to Bartolini, to Ibanez ATK triple coil, to the monster DiMarzio set up he has now. Tuners have gone from stock, to enclosed, to Schaller 2+2 (that was funky on a 4 in line), to the Hipshot with D-tuner he has now. The body has gone through many changes for pickups, controls, bridges and recessed Dunlop strap locks, along with many color changes, black to, silver to, Plum Crazy Purple to, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost to, natural (with and without used motor oil stain) to, Jem styled Marble, to the primer gray he is now. This is my War Horse and will always be with me, he has gone to hell and back including falling out of a moving van and getting run over to taking a 3 story dive down an elevator shaft! The Sarg has survived the trials and tribulations of my life, has been there for me through good times and bad, and always will be my main bass.



only about half of it is still stock, mostly ply with a few chunks of solid Maple, Maple trem and control covers


heavily modified YRB-Series, on his 3rd refret, now using case hardened Dunlop fret wire


DiMarzio neck - X2NB, Split-P - Middle, X2NB-5 - bridge, volume (no tone), Black Ice onboard overdrive, 3 on/off mini toggles, Neutrix locking jack


Satin Black (except the original neck plate), Hipshot trem, tuners, d-tuner, recessed Dunlop strap locks, metal pickup rings

Some old versions of "The Sarg".

I'll find more of the old one eventually...