The "Fox" Custom Viola

Mark commissioned this build one of a kind custom, the "Fox". It started as a south-paw Rogue Hofner copy bass that will be turned into a Viola guitar. This guitar has all the vintage vibe you'd ever want with the power of a modern instrument. No you are not seeing things, those are P90s in a hollowbody, and they're DiMarzio DLX Plus humbuckers to boot! To bad it's left handed, I really couldn't play it after it was finished...


2 piece Ash back, Mahogany top, custom paint


Maple with Maple fretboard, custom paint





The Build

Old set neck removed. What a bitch that was!

Mark selected a neck from the parts room for his guitar.

Body and neck reworked to fit eachother.

Neck set to the body.

Headstock painted ready for finishing.

Mark with his new Yox.