"Janie" Custom Strat

Pete commissioned this full new build one off custom "Janie" named after his Grandmother. Ash and Mahogany body, maple neck & maple fretboard with jumbo frets. All gold hardware, hardtail bridge strung thru the body. The body will be painted an off white with gold pearl. DiMarzio Air Zone and Air Norton pickups, humbucker blend on the neck pickup to blend front rear or both coils, and a Gibson style 3 way switch. Tulip Maple wood pick guard to be painter pure white. 


2 piece Ash back, Mahogany top, custom paint


Maple with Maple fretboard, custom paint





The Build

Raw parts

Body drilled and countersunk for string ferrules. Everything test fit to the body before the painting is started.

Primed and ready for paint.

The body painted and buffed, Off White with Gold Pearl.

Pete with his new Yox!