Kyle is the proud owner of this guitar, the "Paulcaster". This one came about from a body and neck from the parts stock, a real Gibson body with a Squier neck. Kind of a cool concept, the Les Paul sound with the comfort of a Strat neck. The name "Paulcaster" came from the combination of Paul Bigsby from the trem and caster from the strat. The idea was to build a "closet classic" the looks of an old guitar with all new hardware and electronics. The finish on this guitar is actually Black India Ink with Nitrocellulose Spraying Lacquer baked until it sucked into the wood to give it that vintage look.


2 piece Maple back, Mahogany top, custom paint


Maple with Rosewood fretboard, custom paint


Signature Series, DiMarzio


Chrome with Bigsby trem

The Build

Raw parts

Kyle with his new Yox.