Shotgun Stock

This is a new endeavor for Yox designs, Gun Stocks. Mike has made many for friends and family, but now they will be offered to the public. This stock is a left handed Monty Carlo style shooters stock with a free floating shooter style fore grip fitted to a single shot 12 gauge. It was custom fit to the hands and posture of the owner to suite his shooting style. Both the stock and fore grip were lengthened ensuring total comfort for the shooter. The wood used is figured Tulip Maple, in an unfinished state to show the wood before the dyed stain is applied. The finish in the last pictures is a marbled pink, yellow, green, black, and white. While not a traditional color scheme it does have a real tree type camouflage look when seen by animals that can not see color. Other colors can be used if a traditional camouflage is desired.

Before paint.