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Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

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Tired of that same old sad mother of toilet seat pickguard? You know, the one like everyone else has...
Well then, get yourself a new all wood strum bumper! One of a kind, guaranteed to be unique!
Made for any style guitar or bass, many wood type options.
Custom finish options available, Dye, Stain, Nitrocellulose, Fabric or anything else you might want.


We offer custom wood pick guards, any way you want.

Have you ever looked at your Tele and wanted something different? So you bought a Fender aftermarket pick guard, only to find out the screw holes don't match because your guitar is a Mexican and all Fender parts are made for American standards. Now it's on a shelf collecting dust reminding you that you paid too much for something that looks just like everyone else's. Screw that! Check out what can be done for you. Custom one of a kind design made any way you want to fit your guitar, guaranteed not to look like anyone else's. Also offered are back covers for your trem and control cavities. Why use plastic when it does nothing for your tone? Adding wood to your guitar will increase sustain and better your sound. Pick guards made for all guitars and basses, electric or acoustic; Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, whatever you have. Custom designs and finishing options are also available. All pickguards are SOLID WOOD, no laminates or plastic backers!



Figured and exotic woods

Choice of finish (natural, stain, translucent color, paint or fabric)

Custom Shape

Recessed controls and pickup rings

Murals or graphics

Custom Carvings

Round, flat, or standard angled edges

And anything else you can think of!


Repair, Pick Guard, and Custom Work Price List







Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

Accept No Substitute