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Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

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Is it time to give that old beat up guitar a facelift? Did someone cover one of your treasures in stickers or spray paint? Is your hardware rusted and ugly? Do you have a vintage guitar you want put back to stock?


Yox Designs offers restoration, refurbishing and pedigree services.

The intensity of a restoration can vary depending on your wants and your instruments needs. A restoration may include some or all of the following, complete strip and refinish, replacing damaged or missing parts on vintage instruments, buffing and restoring original finish, repair and rebuild of original hardware and electronics, or putting a modified instrument back to stock specifications.


Take a look at a few of the ones we have dome from mild refurbishments to full restorations.


Repair, Pick Guard, and Custom Work Price List