1965 Gibson SG Jr

Chris Lee brought this guitar into the shop for a full restoration believing it was a 1961 Gibson SG TV. After the body was stripped and with a little research we could pedigree this vintage guitar, it's actually a 1965 SG Jr. The body, neck and headstock were badly damaged from the use of a belt sander years before to remove the original paint. The body had damage near the bridge post and pickup cavity, holes in the body from the removal of a Bigsby and tail piece, and many holes in the headstock from different tuners. We repaired all the damage and did a full body restoration on this one returning it to an original Gibson color, Polaris White. Also restored were the original pickup and vintage tuners. Chris opted not to go through the work with Gibson to have an authentic headstock logo supplied for us to inlay.


stock, w/custom paint


stock, w/custom paint





This is what came into the shop. A dirty neglected, abused old SG.

Damage to the body and neck from a belt sander are clearly visible.

The damage and bad repair of the pickup/bridge post area.

Completely stripped revealing old Bigsby holes, damage around the neck heel, and around tuner holes. This is where we could tell this was not a 61 SC TV.

Body, neck heel and headstock damage repaired properly.

Guitar sealed and ready for primer.

Primer showing all repairs are invisible.

Olympic White base coat.

With black headstock.

After the clear coat, ready to be buffed.

Finished product, hard to believe it's the same guitar!