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Yox Designs is the original maker of Solid Wood Pickguards since 1998!

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Who is Yox?

Mike Yox is an accomplished life-long artist and musician. His father Ken played guitar and introduced Mike to music at a young age. Starting with the violin at the age of 4 or 5 and with weekly music appreciation nights music was always present in the Yox home. "I remember Dad with his old 1967 Fender Bronco and Peavey Backstage amp playing all the time. Every chance I got I would sneak in and play that guitar."

Yox built his first instrument at around 10 years old as a Cub Scout project along side his father. "It didn't play well and sounded terrible, but damn it looked good!"

Mike began by repairing and modifying instruments for friends, and experimenting with any "yard sale" guitars that were to be found. Many $10 guitars were sacrificed on the altar of experimentation. He would play with pickups, electronics, bridges, necks, and even body modifications just to see what gave different results. Some things worked and others didn't, but through all of this, Mike built his expertise.

Yox got serious about guitar repair just out of high school. Learning as much as he could from any source he could find until he met his master "I received most of my early training apprenticing for Dan Harfield in a small shop in Buffalo, 'Cars & Guitars'." There he worked alongside a vintage guitar expert in a very active shop doing repairs and restorations.

In 1998 Mike started offering his own services and officially opened Yox Designs in 2001. Since that time Yox Designs has grown to a well known and respected shop offering the best in both workmanship and customer service, with clients all over the world. Working directly with the best name brand manufacturers, Yox Designs can offer customers considerable savings on both the work performed and the merchandise sold. The electronics, wood working, and paint shops at Yox Designs are loaded with the best equipment available to ensure top quality results for all customers.

As Mike says, "We pride ourselves on the work we do, our attention to detail, and personal customer service. Every completed job leaves the shop with a guarantee not only on parts and service, but your personal satisfaction. That is why we are the only shop you will see that offers a warranty on certified pre-owned instruments, because if we wouldn't own it ourselves we don't expect you to either."

It began with a simple love of music that matured into a love of the instrument. Yox Designs aims to provide the best instrument so you can create your best music.

Me with Dad's Fender Bronco and Peavey Back Stage.